As a business owner, your company is a persona of yourself; as an individual, you've goals to reach. At Loen & Company, we help put our clients on the path to grow and achieve success. We listen to your needs, worries, and expectations to custom tailor an approach that suits you. Working closely with many of our clients for the past 20+ years, we are vested in their success and embrace the opportunities to help them thrive.


Starting a business is a challenge. Decisions that you make in the early stages of a lifecycle can be make or break for your business.


How much time do you currently spend on your accounting processes? Of this time, how much could be otherwise spent servicing patients or clients?

Wealth Management

Planning for you or your family's future can be challenging to navigate. Whether it's planning for retirement, business succession or for the inevitable, there needs to be a comprehensive plan that reflects your wishes.

Technology and IT

Technology and IT is an ever changing industry, where companies need to adapt with shifting trends and the needs of its customers and clients.

Media, Film and Television

Loen & Company offers advisory and engagement services to clients throughout the industry, including producers, writers, directors, unions and their accountants.

Real Estate

Whether you are a property developer, a home builder or a private investor, Loen & Company is able to provide the expertise you need.

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