Having access to reliable and accurate information is vital for your organization. By leveraging technology suited for your operational needs, you can access financial information in real-time, collaborate with advisors to make management decisions and significantly reduce the time and costs for record maintenance and reporting. Loen & Company's team of accounting and IT integration specialists are knowledgeable and experienced in implementing cloud based systems and technology to help businesses scale their operations and grow.


  • Accounting systems and processes
  • Record maintenance, bookkeeping and reporting
  • Inventory management and point-of-sale integration
  • Banking, invoicing and financial oversight
  • Implementation of governance and internal controls

Collaboration made easy. Having streamlined internal processes and timely access to accurate information is key for your operations. At Loen & Company, we believe in adding value: we believe in saving you time. We help clients leverage technology within their organizations to promote efficiency and oversight by implementing cloud based systems that suit client needs and enable seamless collaboration.

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