Whether it's for you, your business, your family or all three; at Loen & Company, our team of tax professionals are here to help.


  • Personal tax
  • Corporate tax
  • Estates and Trusts

Your needs come first. Because it is not enough to simply tell you “what you owe”, we take a proactive and individualized approach to ensure that nothing is left on the table. Tax is complex, nuanced, ever-changing and inevitable. As your personal wealth and your business grow, Loen & Company is here to help you navigate the time and tide.

To develop a strategy that aligns with clients’ individual and business goals, first, we listen. We gain understanding, we research, we analyze and we implement a tax plan that integrates your personal, corporate and estate taxes at an aggregate level. The expertise of the tax team at Loen & Company enables us to take a high-level, combined approach that is custom tailored for each and every client.

Personal Tax:

  • individuals and families tax returns and filings;
  • self-employed and sole-proprietor businesses and professionals;
  • sales’ tax returns and filings (HST, GST, and PST);
  • review of previous years’ filings and assessments, the filing of amendments;
  • responses to Canada Revenue Agency requests for information and audits;
  • rental and investment income schedules;
  • rollover of sole-proprietorship assets upon incorporation;
  • disposition of principal residence and other property, divorce proceedings and other tax matters.

Corporate Tax:

  • Implementation of corporate tax structures on incorporation and re-organizations;
  • tax-deferred transfer of assets into corporations;
  • registration and maintenance of Eligible Business Corporation (EBC) for Investment Capital Programs;
  • registration and maintenance of Qualified Investment for tax-free savings account (TFSA) and Registered
  • Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) purposes;
  • corporate tax credit filings such as scientific research and educational development (SR&ED), interactive digital media (IDMTC), film and television (FTTC), production services tax credit (PSTC) and others;
  • payroll, sales and corporate tax compliance and filings.

Estates and Trusts:

Despite not having any form of inheritance of estate taxes in Canada, the death of a taxpayer can still trigger significant tax implications in the absence of adequate tax planning. At Loen & Company, we offer the following services related to Estates and Trusts:

  • Planning and implementation of trusts for tax planning purposes;
  • transfer of assets to trusts;
  • implementation of insurance vehicles for tax planning purposes

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