The acquisition or sale of a business can be a complex transaction, with issues that range from financing the purchase/sale, reporting and compliance, due diligence and tax implications. Left unaddressed, any one of these issues could result in significant missed opportunities. When it comes to starting, acquiring, expanding or selling your business, Loen & Company's team of accountants and business advisors explore every issue and exhaust every option to ensure that nothing is left on the table.


  • Acquisition and sale of companies
  • Financings and equity raises
  • Personal and corporate transactional tax structures
  • Due diligence and compliance reporting.

More often than not, it is the nuanced and subtle issues that are either undiscovered or unaddressed when acquiring or selling a business. Whether it’s the wording of a term in the purchase agreement, the mismanagement of capital or an inefficient tax structure, these unchecked issues could be costly.

We take the time to learn and understand your goals to ensure that this strategic transaction is in your best interest. We review term sheets and purchase agreements to ensure that the transaction makes sense for you. We also liaise with management, bankers, lawyers, accountants and other parties involved in the transaction to explore all options available and seek a mutually beneficial win-win for both parties.

The mergers and acquisitions services provided at Loen & Company consistently exceed our clients’ expectations. We are vested in your success.

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