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How much time do you currently spend on your accounting processes? Of this time, how much could be otherwise spent servicing patients or clients?

Whether you’re a doctor, dentist, lawyer, engineer or other professional, your ability to earn income is a function of time. As a business owner, the time you spend on your accounting, finance, payroll, administration and banking processes is a cost centre – time that you could be spending anywhere else.

At Loen & Company, we work with our clients to identify and reduce these opportunity costs. We learn about their businesses, assess their operations and implement systems that leverage technology and our staff to boost profitability.

Related services include:

  • Joint Venture + Partnership structure and profit allocation
  • personal, corporate and trust tax planning
  • financial management, reporting and administration of payroll


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Our philosophy emphasizes personal attention to clients whether large or small; and timely, well-researched assistance with personal and corporate tax planning.

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