Loen & Company

Loen & Company


Harvey Loen, C.A.

Harvey Loen received his C.A. designation in 1975 and has been a principal with regional chartered accounting firms since 1989. He has extensive experience in providing accounting, assurance, and taxation services to private and public corporations, not-for-profit organizations, investment companies, and personal trusts. His other areas of practice include cross-border and U.S. taxation issues for individuals and corporations.

Ross DeMello, C.G.A.

Emmanuel V. Factor, C.G.A.

Emmanuel Factor received his C.G.A. designation in 1997, and has worked in public practice since graduating with a Commerce degree from the University of British Columbia in 1989. He joined the firm in August 2011, after having a successful sole proprietor public practice for 7 years. His prior experience includes bookkeeping, accounting, assurance and taxation services for private and public corporations, not-for-profit organizations and associations, and personal trusts. Other areas of his practice include personal taxation, computer consulting and general business advisory services.